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Feeling Rebelious?

  • Feeling Rebelious?

What can you say symbolises the Melbourne Rebels?

AAMI Park? It's new, its well designed, it's comfortable, it feels right. That's a possibility.

The stars in the logo and on the kits? The stars represent Respect, Excellence, Balance, Ethos and Leadership -- all values thats the Rebels have built themselves on and around. That's another possibility.

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That is all well and good to say a club prides themselves on those values, but you need to put them into practice. Who puts them into action? Who personifies those qualities? Any true Rebels fan is able to answer that question quite easily -- Scott Higginbotham. 

"Higgers" is the man at the club who puts those virtues into practice on the field. He gives his all and abides by those stars. He is the face of the new breed and the one who will lead the team forward in its progression.

He leads by example, and is the example of a leader.

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